Width: 5"


Herringbone, Double Herringbone, Brick, Fingers, & Basketweave (Inserts to be Cut at Jobsite)
Chevron 45, Chevron 60, & French Herringbone (Custom Work Required)
5” x 25” / 6” x 30” / 7” x 28” / 8” x 32”

36” x 36” (3/4” Thick Only)


Double Herringbone




Chevron 45

Chevron 60

French Herringbone



Allure - Stained Finish

Attract - Stained Finish

Casual - Stained Finish

Luxury - Stained Finish

Modern - Stained Finish

Natural - Neutral Finish

Cabonized - Neutral Finish

Fumed - Neutral Finish


Thickness: 1/2” to 3/4”
Widths: 5” to 14”
Wearlayer: 3mm or 5mm

Grain: Mix Cut
Grade: ABC Light Character or AB Select & Better (5”)
Lengths: 50% or More of Boards are Full Length

Edges: Micro Bevel or Square
Surface: Brushed or Smooth
Core: Hardwood Ply or Hardwood Lumber Cross Finger Construction
Unfinished or Prefinished - Stained Finish with Matte Lacquer or Neutral Finish (Raw Look)

Carbonized - High heat in kiln to carmalize the wood and produce a rich warm brown coloration
Fumed - High heat in kiln with ammonia gases to smoke/fume the wood and produce rich dark tones

Tear Sheets

Cross Finger Construction

Cross Finger Construction

Cross finger (also known as cross block or lumber core) construction is the very best possible. It gives you the sand-ability of a solid and the stability of an engineered. Our veneers have a 5mm sawn face, not sliced or peeled, with a solid wood core and back. Other brands offer plywood construction with a 2mm to 4mm veneer.

Cross Finger Diagram